The primary focus of the ATM Crime Prevention Program is user safety. Because of the variety of ATMs, the unique characteristics of each installation and crime considerations at each location, no single formula can guarantee the security of ATM customers. Therefore, it is necessary for ATM customers to consider the environment around each ATM and various procedures for remaining safe when using an ATM.

Criminals select their victims and targets, focusing on the unaware or unprepared. Criminals are also drawn to environmental conditions that enhance the opportunity to successfully complete their crime. The attitude and demeanor you convey can have a tremendous effect on potential assailants. There are a number of things you can do to increase your personal security and reduce your risk of becoming an ATM crime victim. The following crime prevention tips can help make the use of ATM’s safer for everyone.

1. Walk purposefully with confidence.

2. Give the appearance that you are totally aware of your surroundings

3. Be aware of your total environment and what is going on around you. Criminals tend to avoid people who have this type of demeanor

4. Perform mental exercises and think out what you would do in different crime or personal security situations

5. Follow your instincts. If you feel you are in danger, respond immediately. Remember that your personal safety is the first priority